Art by Lillie Wren

History of the Suffrage Button 

why buttons and bikes?

Prepared by Hannah Jack and Sally Brown Deskins

Visual culture emerges from and contributes to social and political forces, even something as small as a button can play a role in the assertion, negotiation, and contestation of power.  Campaign buttons are uniquely tied to American politics and so was the campaign for women’s suffrage seen through visual media and merchandise, notably the mass produced button.  As was the canvas for this exhibit, the round button can serve as art in itself, a historical time piece, and an individual expression and promotion of political sway.


Ida B. Wells portrait
Honor Your Past, Vote For Your Future
Women's vote 1920-2020
100th anniversary blonde girl
My vote is power (100 years)
Vote 1920-2020
Portrait of woman 2
Abstract Art 1
Black and white silouettes
Women's imaginary is inexhaustible
Censor the body and you censor breath and speech at the same time
Hold the Vision